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Actuation is a dedicated international label specializing in high energy electronic music! Our music label provides passionate support through management and promotion to help distinct artists reach their full potential. Grow as a creative in the industry!


Our vision is to be a platform for creators seeking for something different. Actuation is a brand for unique individuals willing to empower themselves through music.  Join us and start your journey to achieve your goals.


Actuation was started by the passion of Jeroen & Josh. After most major labels were too afraid to release the highly unique music they were creating, they decided it was time to start a new, independent movement and turn the tides of the music industry. Actuation was born with the vision to empower and encourage unique artists that refuse to conform to industry trends.

After years of hard work, dedication, and persistence, Actuation has evolved into a thriving community of fans, groundbreaking artists, and team members located all across the globe. Actuation is now a recognized music label and event organizer born in Groningen but expanded to cities like New York and Amsterdam. 

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